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Themed Weddings: Winter Red and White

| December 11, 2010

Themed weddings can be about COLOR! Instead of a theme like “beach wedding” or “vintage wedding,” make your theme wedding about a color. I chose red and white with black. I’m envisioning this exquisite affair with the guests wearing some form of black and white attire. Although it is usually only the bride who should […]

Color Palette: Orange

| October 14, 2010

Have you ever considered ORANGE for your wedding? Maybe you are saying, “Ummmm….I’d have to see it.” Or maybe you’re saying, “I’d LOVE to have it but won’t it be too much?” Orange is the color that represents Fall or Harvest time. Pairing it with black (often representing death or shadows) may not be a […]

Color Palette: Green and Brown

| September 30, 2010

Today’s color palette of green and brown comes from Cincodata‘s Real Weddings Blog. I love how the colors reflect nature and blend in together with their surroundings. Great for outdoor weddings, barn weddings and the all around nature lover. Going green has never been so sophisticated! Photography by K. Holly Photography West Michigan Wedding and […]

Color Palette: Charcoal and Snow

| September 30, 2010

I love looking at color palettes and all the combinations you can create for your wedding. When I hear of some colors paired together…ummmm…well…I just have to see it. Do you find yourself thinking like that? And then I see the colors together and I say, “Yes!” I’ll admit, I’m pretty traditional in picking colors…even […]