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FAB Friday Finds: Fun Invitation Facts

| February 1, 2013

This infographic is provided by Staples Copy and Print. Did you learn something new today?

FAB Friday Finds: DIY Photo Booth

| December 14, 2012

Short and sweet…this is WAY cool!! And WAY easy! And WAY fabulous!! Make your own photo booth for your wedding, company event, class reunion or family reunion, or your at-home Christmas party. All you need is an iPad, the iPad Wedding Photo Booth App, some creativity and you will have a memorable event! Here’s how: […]

FAB Friday Finds: A Personal Usher

| October 5, 2012

I’m all about stress free weddings! Hey – there’s an App for that. There are MANY Apps for wedding planning. There are those that offer features on how to be organized and be able to keep everything in one place for your planning. There are budget apps for tracking finances and reading apps for your […]

Flippin’ Fun (part of FAB Friday Finds series)

| April 6, 2012

How many of you remember flip books? When I was a kid, I thought I was something’ when I could draw a series of stick figures on the side of my notebook and “flip” them to make them come to life. Oh yeah! Fast forward…oh…a bunch of years (HaHa) and we have PicFlips!  PicFlips has […]