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Themed Weddings: Sci-Fi

| November 1, 2011

I recently posted on twitter about weddings reflecting the uniqueness of you as a couple but I did not mean for it to be taken THIS literally: Gives a whole new meaning to talking in tongues!! Happy Day After Halloween!

Color Palettes: Pink and Bling

| January 2, 2011

I was thumbing through an old issue of Traditional Home magazine when I came across a sofa that had soft colors of pink, key lime and other greens, cream, and red…probably sounds awful in blog format but it was very warm and inviting on the page. I began thinking about wedding decor with pinks and […]

Themed Weddings: Candlelight

| December 15, 2010

When someone mentions that they are going to have a candlelight wedding, what’s the first thing you say? I bet almost everybody said, “ooooooo.” Candlelight….when you say the word do you automatically get hush-hush? Do you soften? Act more gentle? It’s as if someone said, “The baby’s sleeping,” and instantly everyone changes their demeanor. There’s […]

Themed Weddings: Green Wedding

| December 13, 2010

“Green is the new white for today’s brides–metaphorically speaking.” ~ Mireya Navarro Today, we’re talking eco-friendly weddings. While this may seem like a “given” for today’s weddings, it’s still considered an overall theme. Environmentally conscious couples are often appalled by the carbon footprint of traditional weddings and are seeking ways to express their earth-friendly values […]

Themed Weddings: Winter Red and White

| December 11, 2010

Themed weddings can be about COLOR! Instead of a theme like “beach wedding” or “vintage wedding,” make your theme wedding about a color. I chose red and white with black. I’m envisioning this exquisite affair with the guests wearing some form of black and white attire. Although it is usually only the bride who should […]

Themed Weddings: Vintage

| December 9, 2010

Here’s more encouragement and inspiration for a themed wedding. Remember, don’t be shy and don’t be afraid to take it all the way. Our friends at the Daily Wedding Planning Tip have this to say about themed weddings: “Brides and grooms who are planning a theme wedding shouldn’t be afraid to take it all the […]

Themed Weddings: Baseball

| December 8, 2010

It takes a unique couple, an outgoing couple, a brave couple to have a theme wedding. For some themed weddings, that may be true…like, ummmm, the “Star Trek” themed wedding: …or the “Transformers” themed wedding: hmmmm…..yeah. But the enthusiastic couple CAN pull off a themed wedding with style and good taste! Here’s one theme that’s […]