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Super Bowl Party Tips

Posted By on January 31, 2015


Having guests over for the biggest game of the year means you have got to be prepared. Can’t be running out of snacks, drinks or toilet paper!! Yikes! Have you even thought about the little things? It’s those little things that catch us off guard. Don’t drop the ball in your own end zone. Here are some ideas to help you score a touchdown for your at home event.

The Locker Room: Set aside a room in your house where you can store all the coats from the guests. Assign a person (pre-teen kids are great for this) to be in charge of collecting your guests’ coats as they enter and then taking them to the “locker room.” In our house, we use our guest room for our “locker room.” You might be able to clear out a closet or use the laundry room for coats and boots depending on the number of guests.

Pre-game Warmup: Walk around your house before the party starts and think like a guest. What would you like to see if you were a guest at your own party?  Will there be enough seating – do you need to bring in extra chairs? What about the bathrooms? Are they clean and stocked? Is the food easily accessible or will there be a “dog-pile” around the hot dogs and wings? Thinking ahead will allow you to develop a game plan where everyone can move around with ease and feel comfortable. It’s also less stress on you when your guests know where things are and they aren’t crowded around food areas.

Make it easy for your guests while they are at your home. Have the trash can(s) visible. Everyone always asks where the trash can is located. If they don’t see one, they will walk around with their plate or cup forever and it becomes a nuisance for them. When little things like this are in plain sight, they will feel comfortable. It’s true!! Such a little thing, I know, but it makes it so easy for you and for them. And if you are a recycling person, have extra trash cans out labeled for trash and recycling – like this idea spotted on They used wicker laundry baskets for trash and recycling (great repurposing idea) and double-lined them with trash bags. Great time-saving tip there on reloading the trash can with trash bags. When one is full the other one is right there ready to go.

Speaking of paper products…spend a little more and get plates and utensils that will actually hold food without folding in half or breaking. Again…it’s so comforting to a guest knowing they don’t have to do a balancing act with their food. Having food stations with finger foods or in small portions and small containers is not only fun but so easy for guests to carry around. This snack bar and DIY nacho station spotted on is the perfect example and guests really love food stations.

Are kids included in your game plan? Look around your stadium and think about how they would feel being at an event for several hours. Let’s face it…young kids are only interested in the commercials. So what will you have for entertainment for them while the big game is on? Is there an area you can set up for some games, a movie, some coloring/craft activities? If they are little, is there a quite spot for naps? How about the food? Are there things on your menu that they will like? Popcorn chicken or chicken nuggets are great finger food ideas and kids LOVE to dip stuff. Here are some ideas spotted on the internet to help keep kids entertained during the super bowl (your guests will love you for this!).

Super Bowl party pom-poms

Make some pom-poms so they can cheer along with the rest of you.

Print your own Super Bowl 2015 Bingo Cards
Use M&Ms as markers. This would be fun for adults too!

KickOff: When the game begins, there will be some surprises that come along. You need to think on your feet! Here are a couple of secret plays that will keep you from getting sacked:

When guests come with bags of chips or other snacks and you don’t have enough bowls:

Don’t lose the bottle opener!! Attach it to your drink tub or cooler.

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Incorporating these ideas and a little bit of forethought will give you and your guests a super game day party and you will come out a WINNER!

What are some super ideas you have used for your parties that have been a game changer in how you host events in your home? I would LOVE to hear your thoughts!

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2 Responses to “Super Bowl Party Tips”

  1. JAN says:

    What do you suggest for the winner of the Football Bingo game?

  2. Darlene says:

    OOO!! Good question. For the kids, maybe a gift card to an ice cream or frozen yogurt place. Or you could gift admission to a kid’s play area (Monkey Joe’s, Chuck-E Cheese’s). If adults are playing, you could do restaurant gift cards, sports team T-shirts or accessories, tickets to a movie, shot glasses.

    I guess it all depends on how elaborate you want to go with the gifts. A sports team beverage glass filled with chocolate is always a winer!!! 😉

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