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Etiquette Is Our Guide But Do We Follow It To The Letter?

| June 13, 2012

  ETIQUETTE. Did you just crinkle up your nose when you read that? Did you sigh? Are you frustrated over all the etiquette required for planning your wedding or for conducting business? I am. Don’t get me wrong: I am in TOTAL support for having the proper etiquette for formal occasions such as weddings and […]

Do You Need a Wedding Planner? Would You Remodel Your Home Without a General Contractor?

| May 26, 2012

Great blog post by my friend Christine Boulton, Think Like a Bride. You can also find her on The Wedding Dish. She shares a great analogy to planning your wedding by comparing it to taking on a home remodel project without a contractor. Great thought to ponder. What do you think? Here’s the article in […]

Planner’s Notes: What is My Title?

| March 29, 2012

I’ve been wondering for quite some time – actually it started when I was getting business cards printed – what kind of title to give myself. I think about this every time I’m asked to provide a title or a select category when I register my business listing with a company and many times I’m […]

10 Money Saving Tips for Your Wedding

| February 15, 2012

“How can I save money for my wedding?” Are you laying awake at night freaking out about money and how you’re going to pay for your wedding? I have a solution for you – and it doesn’t have anything to do with DIY projects – well –¬†unless you count doing your own manis, brewing your […]

The Organized Bride, Part 2

| May 27, 2011

Now that you’ve taken the first step to becoming an organized bride by preparing to organize yourself and prioritizing what is important to you, the next step is to get your organizing tools to help you stay on track and to keep everything accessible and neat. Budgeting Your budget tool will be your #1 tool […]

The Organized Bride, Part 1

| March 5, 2011

Planning a wedding CAN be fun and exciting…even enjoyable. But you’ve got to be organized. Organization is key to keeping your sanity in tact all the way to the altar. The first thing to getting organized is not getting a bunch of wedding magazines, or purchasing a wedding planner, or downloading the latest wedding app […]