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Themed Weddings: Candlelight

Posted By on December 15, 2010

When someone mentions that they are going to have a candlelight wedding, what’s the first thing you say? I bet almost everybody said, “ooooooo.” Candlelight….when you say the word do you automatically get hush-hush? Do you soften? Act more gentle? It’s as if someone said, “The baby’s sleeping,” and instantly everyone changes their demeanor. There’s just something about eating dinner by candlelight…it creates a mood. The dancing flames and soft shadows of candlelight impart a romantic feeling of intimacy. So does having a wedding by candlelight. It’s about setting the mood ~ the atmosphere ~ for your day (or evening in this case). Romance, closeness, intimacy are all part of the wedding affair and that’s what I’m getting at: themed weddings can be about a mood. When done right, candlelight weddings are timeless and elegant.

Consider the time of year and the venue for the ceremony when planning a candlelight wedding. Careful planning and preparation are critical to making the candles a seamless and safe part of your special day. Be sure to check with your venue(s) to see if open flames are allowed!

Pick your photographer carefully! I mean, do not leave your once-in-a-lifetime romantic candlelight wedding to your friend who has a fancy new digital camera. It’s more then just having a real nice camera. It’s the know-how behind the camera to deal with the challenges of taking pictures in low light. Check your photographer’s portfolio and experience in shooting candlelight weddings.

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Candle Tips:

Keep in mind that candles should be kept away from drafts, whether from air conditioning or from breezes coming in through windows and doors. At best, drafts will cause candles to drip and the candles will also burn more quickly and unevenly.

A good rule of thumb is to buy unscented candles…period! And especially for use where food is being served so as not to ruin the taste and fragrance of dinner or on the guest tables where they clash with the scent of your flowers.

In order to protect the tablecloths and/or tables, and the carpet and floors in the church, you will also want to make certain that the candles are “dripless.”

To extend burn time on your taper candles, store them in the freezer until ready to use. Still haven’t figured out how that works but it DOES!

Happy Planning!

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